What is Alpha Plus?


Alpha Plus is a mobile application solution that will simplify your insurance experience all while on the go.


You can request a free quote, review your policy, make a payment, or report a claim while on the go.      

Alpha Plus allows Alpha Insurers insured customers, as well as NON-customers to download and install the Alpha Plus app on any smart device with any carrier and enjoy the experience and convenience it delivers.

Alpha Plus is your digital pass in receiving great deals, discounts and rewards with our selected partner merchants. (Restrictions may apply) Simply present your mobile device with the Alpha Plus app installed while shopping at every participating merchant. The Alpha Plus mobile app for mobile devices requires an active internet connection either via Wi-Fi or telecom carrier plan (Note: Alpha Plus is not liable for the fees or any charge made by your Mobile phone telecom carrier).     

To ensure the safety of your Personally Identifiable Digital Information (PII), ONLY ALLOW qualified partner merchant employees to handle your mobile device throughout any transaction period.


A minimum purchase of $5.00 must be made at any of our merchant affiliates in order to earn the set value of points for the transaction. Accumulate points in order to be able to redeem any rewards provided by the affiliate merchants. (For more information about the points system please go to our website for further details).